AMIS Project has published several reports covering Pakistan's major agricultural commodities. These reports provide an overview of domestic crops, their processing and important statistics. These reports also highlight issues that need to be addressed for achieving increases in yield, further improvments in processing, and/or providing better quality exports.

Agricultural Marketing System in the Punjab
Cotton Production, Marketing and Export

Codex Standared of Kino

Codex Standared of Mango

Codex Standared of Rice

Harvesting & Marketing of Gram

Kino Production, Marketing and Export

Marketing of Garlic Problems & Prospects
Marketing of Onion Problems & Prospects
Marketing of Tomato Problems & Prospects
Marketing of Chilli Problems & Prospects
Marketing of Moong (Pulse) Problems & Prospects
Manual for Export of Mangoes
Onion Trading Problems & Its Soultion
Potato Trading Problems & Its Soultion
Production of Mango & Its Marketing
Production of Maize & Its Marketing
Rice Production, Marketing and Export
Tomato Trading Problems & Its Soultion
Training Manual
Wheat Production, Marketing and Export