Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get monthly Round Up?                                                                                   
You may contact on telephone No. 042-99200778 and enter your postal address in the beneficiary list to whom Round Ups are dispatched every month.
How can I get license of commission agent?                                                                      
Any person who wishes to work as a dealer in the notified market area of any Market Committee, he may apply on the prescribed form to the market committee concerned for a licence which may grant the same after satisfying under relevant law/ rules.
From whom Market Fee is charged?                                                                                 
Market Fee is charged only from the buyer of agriculture produce.
What is the rate of Market Fee?                                                                                      
Market Fee is charged @ Rs. 2.00 per 100 kg on all grains, fruits, vegetables, cotton & tobacco etc and @ Rs. 1.00 per 100 kg on all fodders and sugarcane. 
What is the admissible rate deduction of commission for commission agent on the sale of fruit and vegetables?
a. 1.50 percent in the case of food grain and other crops.
b. 2.50 percent in the case of fruits, and
c. 3.12 percent in the case of vegetables
How can a private agriculture produce market (Mandi) be established by a private person/ developer?        
The Government may allow any person/ developer to establish a market under rule 67-A of PAPM (G) Rules, 1979 in any notified market area. The developer may apply to the Government, giving full detail of the site, where market is intended to be establishment along with the proposed development plan. The Government may, on analysis of the proposal, allow or disallow the establishment of the market.
How is the regulated fruit, vegetable and grain market established?                                     
The Government may allow the establishment of a new market under rule 67 of PAPM (G) Rules, 1979 in any notified market area. Any Market Committee, intending to establish a new market within its notified market area invite application after due publicity giving full details of the site where market is intended to be established, call objections and then forward the application to Extra Assistant Director of Agriculture (Economics and Marketing) with its comments. The EADA (E&M) shall inspect the site for necessary scrutiny and forwards the case with his report to the District Coordination Officer. The District Coordination Officer shall forward the case with his comments to the Director of Agriculture (Economics and Marketing), who with his own remarks shall transmit the case to the Government for orders. The Government, after considering the aforesaid reports/comments/remarks, may allow or disallow the establishment of a new market. The decision of the Government shall be final in this regard.
How to access wholesale rates of agriculture commodities?                                                 
Wholesale rates of agriculture commodities can be accessesed via website, Electronic Rate Boards, Sohni Dharti TV Channel and local cable operators.
Why are digital rate boards installed in the markets?                                                         
These digital rate boards are installed to create awareness of growers about prevailing wholesale rates of different agriculture commodities in different mandies. The rates are being displayed on electronic rate boards installed at 27 locations in agriculture produce markets.