Price Control Mechanism

Uprising trend in prices of fruit and vegetables is observed in the province. The department is focusing to maintain a reasonable share of revenue to each stakeholder. In this connection, filed formation of the department and Market Committees are being directed to keep check on artificial price hike.
Following measures/ mechanisms are adopted to achieve the objective:

  • Presence of Secretary Market Committee was ensured in the main wholesale market at the time of auction
  • Auction proceedings monitored regularly on daily basis
  • Price lists prepared keeping in view the actual supply and demand
  • Retail list prepared by giving real margin to the Retailer
  • Prices announced through loud speakers to make it public
  • Proper display of rates through rate cards and rate lists in visible and bold font
  • In Sahulat Bazaar / Sunday Bazaar and Juma Bazaar the rate cards / lists displayed on iron stand on prominent places
  • Complaint No. printed on wholesale & Retail lists on Prominent Place to registered any complaint regarding Prices & Quality of Agri. Produce
  • Rate list prepared under the supervision of representative of DCO Concerned
  • Separate Register are being maintained for recording of Auction proceedings and Arrival of Agri. Produce
  • Market Committees provide daily rate list to the DCO office for uploading the daily rates on the website